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Online Meditation Podcasts

Elizabeth’s daily 15-minute meditations this term have been recorded for you to do in your own time. Many of them have themes which you can explore if you wish, as you listen.


Listen on Soundcloud.


Elizabeth says ....

 "These meditation sessions were recorded live, for students and staff at Cambridge University, during lockdown April-June 2020. You will hear certain elements of that in the recordings as some background sounds weave their way into the soundtrack. In particular, my cocker spaniel, Cherub, gave birth to six beautiful puppies during the course of the term. At times, you hear them playing in the background, and occasionally their presence features in the meditation introductions themselves. 

"I gradually evolved a themed approach to the meditations. Each meditation is preceded by a short 1-2 minute introduction, in which I describe the theme. The meditations which follow are typically 12-15 minutes long and I leave increasing spaces between my supporting comments to allow you to explore the meditation in your own time and your own way."