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Mindful Puppy Diaries

As part of the Festival of Wellbeing, Elizabeth shares the fun, joy – and surprising mindfulness – of puppy life!


Here are the current episodes on YouTube, although you can also watch/follow on Instagram and Facebook:

You can also check out the Meditation Corner [LINK coming soon], for some puppy-related meditation advice.


Episode 1:

Elizabeth's cocker spaniel, Cherub, is expecting puppies. Elizabeth clears a space and shows how this is a useful start to any enterprise, as it helps us find more spaciousness inside ourselves.


Episode 2:

Cherub is heavily pregnant and about to give birth. She is feeling very stressed. Elizabeth shows how mindfulness can help with extreme moments of stress and pressure.


Episode 3 :

Cherub gives birth to her puppies on Easter day, and the video tracks a mindful celebration of the moment.


Episode 4:

Following any major enterprise, you will need to rest. How do you rest? What is the difference between rest and procrastination? As Cherub proudly rests following the birth of the parties, Elizabeth explores these themes.


Episode 5:

The puppies emerge as personalities and are given names – just as ideas emerge for us in our inner world. When we greet them mindfully with curiosity and interest, we our own creativity to shine.


Episodes 6-9 to follow


You can also watch/follow on Facebook and Instagram