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Getting started with mindfulness

Mindfulness often proves helpful to students, supporting their wellbeing and ability to study.  The University of Cambridge wishes to support students to learn mindfulness by offering classes free of charge to any student affiliated to a Cambridge University College.  

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Over the Vacation

We have a variety of helpful resources to support you mindfully during the summer.


Next term – Michaelmas 2020

You can see our planned schedule for Michaelmas term here. - Coming Soon


"Elizabeth has such a calming and soothing presence. Doing the 8-week mindfulness course led by her last term was what fuelled my passion for mindfulness and meditation. It is so important when meditating to feel relaxed and not judged, and Elizabeth's guided meditations enable just that. She led a meditation via Zoom with the committee the other day and it left me feeling grounded, present and content."
Read more at: What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

About mindfulness, benefits and FAQs.

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Read more at: Learning Mindfulness at Cam

Learning Mindfulness at Cam

More about our courses.

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Read more at: Mindful Student Study

Mindful Student Study

About the research study.

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Read more at: Course book and other resources

Course book and other resources

Books and audio files to support your practice.

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Read more at: Contact us

Contact us

Get in touch with us.

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