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Getting started with mindfulness

Mindfulness often proves helpful to students, supporting their wellbeing and ability to study.  The University of Cambridge wishes to support students to learn mindfulness by offering classes free of charge to any student affiliated to a Cambridge University College.  


Click here to view the full mindfulness and meditation timetable.

The student Mindfulness Society is also open to all.  Sign up for email bulletins or a free meditation app.

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Read more at: View our timetables

View our timetables

Book your place on one of our courses.

Read more at: What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness?

About mindfulness, benefits and FAQs.

Read more at: Learning Mindfulness at Cam

Learning Mindfulness at Cam

More about our courses.

Read more at: Mindful Student Study

Mindful Student Study

About the research study.

Read more at: Resources


Books and audio files to support your practice.

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Contact us

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