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Cambridge students


Guidelines covering a range of health and welfare matters are issued from time to time by various bodies and committees that advise the collegiate University on health issues.

Meningitis Guidelines

Meningococcal meningitis is a potentially fatal infectious disease.  Most UK students arriving at the University will have been vaccinated against group C meningococcal infection.  Since the introduction of the MenC immunization programme in 1999, the incidence of group C infection has declined markedly. However, sporadic cases of meningococcal meningitis due to groups, such as MenB, MenW and MenY can still arise.  The MenACWY conjugate vaccine, has now replaced the Men C vaccine.  This vaccine is available to all new entrants to UK University institutions and new students should ensure they are vaccinated prior to ariving at Cambridge.  It also remains important for all students to be aware of the symptoms and to take prompt action if necessary.

Find out more information about the MenACWY vaccination.

Find out more information about the signs and symptoms of Meningitis. 

Gender Reassignment

This guidance is intended for Departmental and College staff who have been approached by a student undergoing gender reassignment who is seeking to make changes to their student records. The document  provides advice on how to support those students with reference to relevant equality legislation, data protection and disclosure protocols.  Further information is available in the Senior Tutors' Guide.

Tier 4 International Students 

Guidance concerning the Healthcare Surcharge for International Students under Tier 4 visa requirements is available here.