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Cambridge students


While it is hoped that your time at Cambridge will be an untroubled one, there may be occasions when you need additional help and support. These pages contain information on the support services that are available to you.

The Code of Practice for Disabled students can be found here. 

Your College will also play a very important pastoral role and can offer support through your tutor, the Senior Tutor, College Nurse, Chaplain and student welfare offices. Consult your College's website for further information.

As well as University and College services, there is a broad range of other sources of help available in the local region.

If you would like further information, or are unsure of the best source of support, feel free to visit the CUSU Welfare Information pages. You can also email the CUSU Welfare Officer at

There is also an autonomous part of CUSU whose objective is to represent and look after the welfare of international students: CUSU International Forum.