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Cambridge students


The University has a number of awards which are made annually from the Postgraduate Funding Competition based on individual criteria, these are:

Fund Eligibility
Arnold Gerstenberg Fund Studentship For students taking up a postgraduate course in philosophical study
Jebb Fund Studentship For PhD students in the Classics, Modern and Medieval Languages and English Faculties studying some subject in the field of literature in a European Language of three specific time periods
Pigott Fund Studentship For Home and EU students starting doctoral research in any subject within the fields of Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences
Robert Gardiner Memorial Fund Scholarship For graduates of any Irish University starting postgraduate study at the University of Cambridge
Schiff Foundation Studentship For students undertaking advanced study or research in Physics, Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology or Materials Science and Metallurgy
Sims Fund Studentship For graduates of the University of Cambridge applying to study in the subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Medicine

Please note that in order to be eligible for these awards you should indicate that you wish to be considered for funding when you submit your application.

Please see the Cambridge Funding Search for more information on each fund's individual eligibility criteria.