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Financial assistance is available to support Postgraduate Research (PGR) self-funded students impacted by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Cambridge is committed to assisting students who have had to delay submission of their thesis but have had no opportunity to receive extended funding. Students meeting the criteria below can apply for an enhanced award from the PG Hardship scheme of up to £3,700 (rather than the usual £2,000). This is equivalent to 3 months of maintenance at the PG Admissions rate.  


You will be eligible to apply for PGR CAS if you meet all of the below:  

  • You are registered for a PGR course (eg PhD) at the University of Cambridge 

  • You are in your final year of study (3rd or 4th year of PhD or part-time equivalent) 

  • You are currently self-funded for all or part of your course or have become self-funded if sponsorship has ended (and cannot be extended) 

  • You have not already benefited from a Covid-19 related extension to your doctoral funding and are unable to secure extended funding from another source (eg funding sponsor) 

  • You are in financial need due to the impact of Covid-19 on the progress of your research 

  • You have not yet submitted your soft bound thesis 

  • You are eligible for the PG Hardship Fund in all respects.  

In addition, students must have considered adapting their project and mitigating the impact of Covid-19 disruption before making an application to the PGR CAS.  

Before you consider applying, please carefully read the scheme guidance here

How much support is available? 

You may apply for up to £3,700 from the PGR CAS scheme in addition to £2,000 from the Postgraduate Hardship Fund.  

How to apply  

  1. Complete a PGR CAS funding request application form by the PG Hardship deadlines.  

  1. Complete a PG Hardship Fund application by the same PG Hardship deadline - indicate that you wish to apply for PGR CAS by ticking the appropriate box in the 'funding' section of the form. 

Applications will be open during the Michaelmas Round in 2021/22. Further applications will be accepted in Lent and Easter terms subject to funding availability.