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UK Students

You must apply for financial assistance through your own regional Student Finance body in order to be eligible for the Cambridge Bursary.

Student Awards Agency for Scotland

Student Finance Northern Ireland

Student Finance Wales

or Student Finance England

 All the links to these can be found on the applications page of Student Finance England's website.

There is no separate application for the bursary, we base the award on the income assessment carried out by your Student Finance body the result of which is passed on to the Student Loans Company who administer the Cambridge Bursaries on behalf of the University.

If you are applying for means tested support from your student finance body you do not need to apply separately for the Cambridge Bursary, you will automatically be assessed for the bursary.

Your College will let you know if you have been awarded a Cambridge Bursary and the amount which has been awarded.

If you have not heard anything about your bursary by the start of term, please get in touch.

If you apply late for student finance you will still be considered for a Cambridge Bursary.  Your payments will arrive later depending on when you apply and the relevant processing times at SLC so we advise you apply as early as possible.  However Cambridge Bursary payments can be made retrospectively so you will not lose any part of your bursary because you applied late (applications close at the end of June at the end of the relevant academic year and no new applications will be processed after that time - i.e. no futher applications for 22-23 academic year will be processed after 30th June, 2023.