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Only those EU students with settled or pre-settled status granted by the Home Office are now eligible for the Cambridge Bursary.  You are only eligible to apply for settled or pre-settled status if you resided in the UK prior to 31st December 2020.

The eligibilty criteria and value of awards made is the same for EU students who have settled or pre-settled status and UK students.

For new EU students the process is as follows:

  • Apply for a tuition fee loan through Student Finance England here.

Note:  you cannot apply online for a tuition fee loan, you must download, print and complete the application on paper then return it as instructed on the form.

  • You will then be emailed a link to a form which you must print out, complete and return by post to SLC along with the requested documentation.

  • Your household income will be assessed and if you meet the eligibility criteria and your College approves the bursary you'll be notified.


Continuing EU Students

Any student who started their course in 2020 or earlier remains eligible for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme for the rest of their course but must apply for settled or pre-settled status in order to retain their right to live in the UK.

Continuing EU students must apply to renew their tuition fee loan every year through Student Finance England here.

As EU students are only income assessed once at the start of their course, they do not need to complete the income assessments again but must renew their loan application.

A small number of EU students will have their loan automatically renewed by Student Finance England and will only be sent a short declaration which they must sign and return.