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Who assesses my application for the Cambridge Bursary

The Student Loan Company are responsible for assessing the documents and application for the Cambridge Bursary; this is not done by the college or by the Student Registry. If you have any queries regarding your income assessment you should contact the Student Loan Company (Student Finance England)

Telephone: 0300 100 0607


How will I know that I am successful?

Your college will send you written confirmation after your attendance has been confirmed in the first week of term.


My bursary payment is late, who should I contact?

The Student Loan Company are responsible for assessing the documents and application for the Cambridge Bursary; this is not done by the college or by the Student Registry. If you have not received any information about your bursary, it is most likely due to a delay in the processing of your income assessment or application documents so you should contact the Student Loan Company (Student Finance England)

Telephone: 0300 100 0642

Please note that as the income assessment is carried out by the Student Loans Company, any information submitted to support the application and income assessment is held securely by the SLC. Neither the college nor the Student Registry have access to this information, nor are they responsible for the income assessment.


Do I have to pay back the bursary when I graduate?

The Cambridge Bursary is a sum of money awarded to enable you to pursue your studies. Whereas a student loan must be repaid upon earning a certain amount, you do not have to repay a Cambridge Bursary.


What is household income?

'Household income' is a government term. To simplify, it will usually be roughly what your household is paid every year before tax, but certain sums may be subtracted, such as pension payments. More information about the term will be available from your local student finance agency or the Student Loans Company.


If I receive a bursary, can I still take out a student loan for maintenance?

Yes. The Cambridge Bursary is in addition to any means-tested government grant or student loan which you receive.


If I am unsuccessful with my application, can I re-apply the following year?

Yes. We are aware that your financial circumstances can change from year to year and therefore welcome applications from those previously unsuccessful.


As part of my course I will spend a year away from Cambridge.  Am I eligible for a bursary in that year?

If you continue to pay a tuition fee to the University of Cambridge and to receive a means-tested maintenance grant during your year abroad, then you will also qualify for a Cambridge Bursary.


What happens if I have an additional source of funding?

Other funding you may receive (eg scholarship, Erasmus grant) will not affect your bursary.


I am starting the Graduate Course in Medicine Course (A101), can I apply for a Cambridge Bursary?

Yes, students starting the first year of the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine may apply for support to help meet the cost of their tuition fees in the form of the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine Bursary. Eligible students could receive up to £3,500. For more information about this bursary and to make an application, please see the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine Bursary website.


I will be starting the six–year undergraduate Medicine course in October. Will I be eligible for a Bursary during my clinical studies?

Medicine students undertaking their clinical studies who receive a government maintenance grant will continue to be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary on the same basis as any other student. Those students who receive a NHS Bursary instead (normally students in their fifth and sixth years) must request means-testing to be undertaken by their Student Finance agency or regional equivalent.


I am a mature student, will I be eligible for a Bursary at the higher rate for mature students?

If you are a mature student (over 21 at the start of your course for those starting in 2017, or classed as independent by SLC for those starting in 2018 or later) or living independently of your parents, whether in or out of College and have to pay your own rent or mortgage, then you are likely to be eligible for a Bursary of up to £5,600.  If you live with a partner, their income will be taken into account for your incme assessment.

I'm not a mature student but I've not been living in my parental home, do I qualify for a higher bursary?

Yes.  If you're a care leaver, if you're estranged from your parents, if your parents have died or you can't get in touch with them you should be able to be classed as independent by SLC.  If you're classed as indepenedent at any age you'll be eligible for the enhanced bursary.


What if my financial circumstances change?

You can apply to SLC for a reassessment of your income at any time up to 30 June at the end of the academic year. EU students must also notify the University if they apply to SLC for a reassessment on This is because your bursary was assessed by the University and Newton Trust rather than the SLC.


I have already paid my College bill. How will my bursary be paid?

SLC will make payments directly to student's UK bank account termly.


When does my right to a bursary for the academic year end?

The Bursary Scheme closes for the academic year on 30 June. SLC applications that are not confirmed by that time, because of the lack of appropriate supporting evidence, will lapse without payment.


I get a NHS Bursary - what should I do?

These students are not usually income assessed by the SLC as they receive a bursary instead from the NHS. However, to be considered for a Cambridge Bursary they should contact the SLC and request an income assessment 'for bursary purposes' only. This is called a PFF2. SLC staff have been asked to expect these requests but may not all be fully aware that Cambridge uses the bursary service.


I am an EU student who has to fill in an income assessment form, when will I receive this?

You will be emailed a link to the PFF2 by the Student Loans Company after they have processed your tuition fee loan application.


I do not want to take out a loan from the Student Loans Company, can I still receive the Cambridge Bursary?

Yes.  You need to complete the application for a loan but can request a loan value of zero during that process.  Becuase the SLC conduct the income assessments and make payments to students on behalf of the University, all students have to go through this process in order to be receive the Cambridge Bursary.  We understand that some students do not wish to take out a loan and you are not required to do so, you will always be able to decline the loan offered but when only you have completed the application process can your Cambridge Bursary be paid.