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If you started your course in 2020 or earlier you are eligible for the Cambridge Bursary Scheme under the old terms, whether or not you received it in the year you started.  For those starting in 2021 or later you will go onto the new scheme.

The following applies to both old and new schemes:

If you are a UK undergraduate student, or have settled or pre-settled status in the UK, and have a household income of below the relevant level for your year of entry, you are likely to be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary.

The Cambridge Bursary is an annual gift, it is not a loan and it does not need to be repaid.

To receive the Cambridge Bursary (under the new or old scheme ) you must apply for uk Government Student Finance and be assessed but you do not need to take out a student loan to receive the Cambridge Bursary.

As long as you are assessed as eligible for UK Government funding (by your regional funding body) you will be assessed for a Cambridge Bursary, whether or not you take out a student loan.

Provided your eligibility does not change, you could receive it for every year of your course, whatever its length.  This also applies to students who are taking longer to complete their course due to disability or for medical reasons.

The Cambridge Bursary is in addition to any loan for maintenance or tuition fees which you receive from the UK government.

Most UK students do not need to apply separately for the Cambridge Bursary, you will be automatically assessed by the Student Loans Company as part of your application for student Finance from the UK Government.

The Cambridge Bursary is not available for overseas students, including EU students without settled or pre-settled status.  For further information on what funding may be available for overseas undergraduates please see the finance section of the International Students website.

Earliest Payment Dates* for 22-23

Michaelmas Term - 24th October, 2022

Lent Term - 6th February, 2023

Easter Term - 15th May, 2023

*Payment on these dates is subject to timely approvals and attendance confirmations being done by colleges.  Payment may arrive after these dates.