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Cambridge students


Please note that the blended learning guidance videos have been withdrawn temporarily for updates; the transcripts and links to supporting resources remain.

The University has a strong commitment to in-person teaching, which: 

  • provides students with opportunities to engage with staff and with their peers, building a community within the subject and supporting students’ sense of belonging; 
  • helps to develop support mechanisms and social networks; 
  • offers opportunities for ad hoc or informal learning experiences outside of formal teaching structures; and  
  • gives structure and rhythm to the learning experience. 

To supplement your in-person learning, you will also experience blended learning throughout most courses of study.  Blended learning provides opportunities to combine in-person delivery alongside teaching and learning in an online or digital environment; for example, through use of the University's virtual learning environment, Moodle, to present reading material, quizzes, or interactive content.  While most students will have encountered blended delivery at some point in their studies, using it effectively takes practice and planning.  The University has produced four short videos to help you make the most of blended learning: 

  1. What to Expect 
  2. Approaching Blended Content 
  3. Structure and Routine 
  4. Wellbeing 

In addition, there is a short Where to Find Help resource, to identify support structures available to you. 

The University is committed to offering an effective, high-quality learning experience for all students and we hope you find these guidance videos useful.