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(previously known as extending your submission date)

As most PhD degrees are unfunded in the 4th year, (MSc and MLitt students are unfunded after two years) you should be aiming to submit at the end of your 3rd year, ideally using the 4th year for examination purposes.

If you have not yet submitted and wish to extend your 'End of Registration Date' you may apply to do so online using your Self-Service pages. You must submit, and have approved, your application before your registration with the University ends; that is the date that is indicated on your CamSIS Self-Service pages. As a PhD, MSc or MLitt student this will normally be the end of your fourth year.

Therefore, if you are not able to submit your dissertation by the last day of the fourth year after you have been formally registered as a full-time candidate for either the PhD, MSc or MLitt Degree (or the last day of the seventh year if you are registered as a part-time candidate), you must apply to extend the date you wish to remain registered as a graduate student. Any application must be completed (you have received the decision from the Board) before you reach your current 'End of Registration Date'.

If you are an MPhil, MRes or Diploma student and you wish to apply to defer the submission of your disseratation, you will also need to apply to Extend your 'End of Registration Date' to the date you are aiming to submit by.

Please allow at least 3 months for any application to be processed.

All applications are considered on their individual merits by the relevant degree committee in the first instance. Your progress to date will be taken into account as will your supervisor's comments. It should not be assumed that an application to extend your registration date will be approved as a matter of routine. Applications will be automatically declined by the Board if you do not confirm on your application that you are fully engaged in your research, and based in Cambridge.

Please note that you do NOT need to apply to extend your End of Registration Date if you have submitted your dissertation for examination. However, you will have been advised by the Board of the outcome of the examination process that you are required to undertake corrections or are required to revise and resubmit your dissertation and you wish to extend your registration beyond the date agreed by the Board.

It is open to the degree committee and/or the Board to decline applications and remove students' names from the Register of Graduate Students. This does, however, normally leave open the possibility of being reinstated at a later stage when you wish to resume your registration, if your dissertation is ready for submission (see 'Reinstatement to the Register for Graduate Students').

Please let your college and sponsor know if you are making an application to extend your End of Registration Date. You may also need permission from your sponsor. Please consult your sponsor's handbook for information on this and if in doubt contact the Graduate Students Team (


Please note that for 2010 PhD cohort onwards, PhD, MSc and MLitt students will be automatically removed from the Register of Graduate Students at the 4 year point, unless an application to defer is agreed by the Board in advance of the 4 year date being reached.

Please note: if you are an overseas student requiring entry clearance to study in the UK, please ensure you comply with the conditions of your visa. For visa information please contact the PBI Office (